Mamimove’s concern is to provide pregnant women and mothers with the best possible physical and psychological support today and to offer them a place for exercise, inspiration and community that is independent of time and space through a digital platform.

Strengthening and stretching through movement and breathing combine physical and psychological stability and awaken positive life energy. This promotes the child’s healthy growth and well-being and supports and accelerates the mother’s regeneration.

Promoting harmony and balance is an essential prerequisite for a positive pregnancy and motherhood. Inspiring visual impressions convey a positive attitude to life as well as inner balance and beauty.

We value community and connection. The exchange of knowledge and experiences as well as the sharing of joy and happiness offer support and strength, especially during pregnancy and motherhood.

The experience of pregnancy and motherhood is an impressive time that holds great potential for inner growth. We are happy about every woman we can accompany and support in this process.