Are you interested in improving your health after pregnancy but find yourself limited by time?

Are you looking for a flexible solution to stay physically active after pregnancy?

Are you seeking balance within the demands of a stressful family routine?

Then you are in the right place with us!
Mamimoves offers you these benefits.

What is our community saying?

The offer helps me to create a balance in everyday life, to take care of my needs and to connect with my baby, which is often neglected in everyday life. For 1.5 years I have felt incredibly well looked after with Vera and can completely let go, which always gives me new energy.
Vera's courses were a great support in healing my health problems, especially my back pain, diastasis recti and constant exhaustion. Vera strikes the right balance between anatomical understanding and the mental and psychological influence on the body. I can recommend Mamimoves to any woman who is looking for a versatile and effective workout.
Mamimoves is well suited for post-natal recovery and pregnancy and is neither too challenging nor too easy thanks to the individual classes. Vera not only helped me accelerate my healing process during my recovery, but also helped me regain my strength, stability and lightness. I feel recharged after every hour.
I didn't know what to expect during my pregnancy and postnatal period. Thanks to the yoga classes at Mamimoves, I was always able to collect myself and focus positively. Even though I was completely exhausted, I decided to do yoga. The longer you stick with it, the better you get to know your body, its limits and also your potential; and despite the many challenges, I stay positive in my head!

We offer personalized online postnatal yoga

Group classes
Baby Massage
Expert Classes

Weekly schedules for live online group classes

WeekdayTimeCourse typeTarget groups
Monday20:00-21:00Well Woman YogaAt the earliest 6 months from birth
Tuesday20:30-21:30Intensive postpartum recoveryAt the earliest 6 weeks from birth
Wednesday19:15-20:15Gentle postpartum recoveryFrom birth

Vera Achana

Vera Achana is a former figure skater and ballet dancer who came to yoga via a detour. After 12 years of show business and as a mother of two, she experienced a transformation with the help of yoga, which opened the way to more balance, health and energy for her as a mother.

Find out here how yoga helped her to gain more energy and balance in everyday life, with her children and for her family.

Vera Achana

Vera Achana

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