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Promote your physical and mental health before birth with our personalized online pregnancy yoga.

Do you want to do something good for your health during and after pregnancy, but have limited time?

Are you looking for a flexible solution to stay physically active during and after pregnancy?

Are you looking for balance in your stressful work life?

Then you are exactly in the right place with us!
Mamimoves can offer you these benefits.

What does our community say?

Vera manages to give me an incredibly stable body feeling throughout the entire pregnancy. After a yoga class with her, I sleep much better and have enough energy for everyday life.
For me, the yoga class at Mamimoves is an important moment of the week because it's all about myself and I can just let myself go. A lot of things have to work during the week - family, work, partnership - and the yoga class is my balance, something like a breather.
Vera proved to me in every single hour that I can move a lot more than I thought. I always felt great after her lessons. I really appreciated the alternation between active movement and restorative parts and thought it was great that Vera gave different variations for certain exercises, depending on stomach size and well-being.
I didn't know what to expect during my pregnancy and postnatal period. Thanks to the yoga classes at Mamimoves, I was always able to collect myself and focus positively. Even though I was completely exhausted, I decided to do yoga. The longer you stick with it, the better you get to know your body, its limits and also your potential; and despite the many challenges, I stay positive in my head!

We offer personalized online pregnancy yoga

Vera Achana - Yoga Pose
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Weekly schedule for live online group classes

WeekdayTimeCourse type
Monday18:30-19:30Pregnancy yoga
Tuesday19:00-20:00Pregnancy yoga
Thursday20:30-21:30Pregnancy yoga with deep relaxation

Vera Achana

Vera Achana is a former figure skater and ballet dancer who came to yoga via a detour. After 12 years of show business and as a mother of two, she experienced a transformation with the help of yoga, which opened the way to more balance, health and energy for her as a mother.

Find out here how yoga helped her to gain more energy and balance in everyday life, with her children and for her family.

Vera Achana

Vera Achana

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