Would you like to prioritize your health during and after pregnancy but find yourself short on time?

Are you in search of a flexible solution to maintain your physical activity during and after pregnancy?

Are you seeking balance in your hectic workday?

Then you are in the right place!
Mamimoves can offer you these benefits.

What is our community saying?

Vera creates a beautiful and calm atmosphere in which I can let myself go. After the class I feel wonderfully balanced and relaxed. The little sibling benefits from the fact that mom has more patience for small crises ????
In yoga I learned to breathe much deeper again. Until then, I wasn't aware of what I was missing and how positively my health responds to correct breathing. The smooth movements in yoga also give me a feeling of inner flow.
I love sport and was extremely tired in the first trimester of my pregnancy. In yoga, I noticed how I was slowly regaining my energy and feeling so fit that I was able to do a lot more sport again in the last trimester of my pregnancy!
I think the online offer is great, especially for working moms with a long commute who don't exactly live centrally. For me, the ability to do my pregnancy and postnatal training from home and on the go is a huge relief. I don't have to go again and I don't need a babysitter either.

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As a member of Mamimoves, you can participate in our monthly expert classes

Meet Vera
Your Yoga Companion

Vera Achana is a former figure skater and ballet dancer who discovered yoga through a unconventional path. After 12 years in show business and becoming a mother two, she experienced a transformation through yoga that opened the door to more balance, health, and energy in her role as a mother.

Explore Vera's journey and discover how yoga helped her to gain more energy and balance in her daily life, with her children, and for her family.​

Meet Vera

Your Yoga Companion

Vera Achana

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