YONI massage with Eliza Dadak – experience report

Vera Achana

Vera Achana

On Wednesday May 4th, 2022 our expert talk took place with Eliza Dadak, Sexological Body Worker and Sexual Empowerment Coach. Eliza gives gynecological massages and yoni massages. Eliza’s passion and calling is to work with and accompany women.

After the interview, I decided to try the yoni massage with Eliza. Below you will find my experiences.

My appointment is at 6 p.m.; I am warmly welcomed by Eliza and shown into a dimmed room with a massage table and an aquarium. The scent in the room reminded me of my previous Ayurvedic massages. We talk about being a woman, our experiences in our relationships with parents and partners and our children. After about 20 minutes, Eliza asks me if I would like to get a yoni massage. She also gives gynecological massages in which she does not include the yoni. I felt safe and relaxed enough that I agreed.

«Eliza acts very respectfully and radiates a warm, motherly energy.»

The massage table is heated and padded with a soft mat. Eliza puts a cloth over my upper body and slides her very warm, oily hands over my legs. Your touch is very gentle and calm. She takes a little more time for her hands and feet, my body becomes calmer and softer. The fatigue, the stress of the past week and the tension are slowly dissolving from my body. I have to sigh deeply a few times, it felt as if deeper layers within me that I always keep under tension were released. The massage extends to my shoulders, chest, stomach and inner legs. After what feels like 45 minutes, Eliza asks me if it’s okay for her to put on gloves to move on to the yoni massage. My body had no objections, it had sunk into a deep calm, this took away any insecurity and concerns. Eliza squats on the lounger and asks me to gently open my legs. She makes very slow gliding movements over my labia and asks me if that feels good to me. I feel a pleasant tingling and flowing feeling, nothing extreme or ecstatic. Most of the time Eliza glides over the inner and outer labia and keeps asking if I’m okay. She acts respectfully and radiates a warm, motherly energy. I sob a little, a few tears rolling down my cheeks. Eliza speaks calmly and understandingly and encourages me to follow my natural impulses. The tears were releasing and cleansing, I didn’t feel sad, but I became aware of how much stress I was holding in my body and didn’t even notice. I have now completely lost track of time. I haven’t felt so deeply relaxed and comfortably warm in a long time. I didn’t feel the need for anything more, so we left it with the external yoni massage. Eliza said you can always come back and take it a step further. She also massages the yoni from the inside if the woman wishes.

Finally, Eliza wraps me in two layers of cloths and the warm mat. I feel cared for and would like to fall asleep. I lie in this swaddled position for about 10 minutes and then I’m ready to slowly get up again. Eliza brings me water and thanks me for accepting her massage.

«The fatigue, the stress of the past week and the tension are slowly dissolving from my body.»

I ride my bike back home with incredible ease. Eliza asked me to let her know when I got home. I’m really hungry and want a really good meal. Afterwards I go to sleep and wish that the relaxation would last a few more days.

I hope this has given you an insight into the process and sensations of a Yoni massage and, in the best case, taken away your fear of this new experience.

Write to me if you have already had experience in this area and how you felt about your experiences. You are also welcome to write to me if you are unsure whether this type of experience could be for you.

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